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JACOB JONAS was inspired by an acrobatic break dancing group, which started his dancing career. The dedication and drive the group displayed motivated Jacob to become a positive and forward thinking artist. Five years later Jacob joined the Beverly Hills High School Dance Company studying modern and jazz for the first time. He joined the award winning MNR Dance Factory in Brentwood where they welcomed him on full scholarship; He is continuing his studies in all forms of dance working with world-renowned choreographers and teachers most recently working on the NICKELODEAN show VICTORIOUS. He has been chosen amongst many for an AMBASSADORSHIP at LULULEMON stores in Santa Monica. Jacob is also passing along his love and passion for dance and the arts by teaching younger children at MNR including those with special needs as well as working as one of the artists in residence for the ARCHER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 2010 dance program.

He has studied yoga under Chris Chavez where he discovered the body, mind, and spirit connection. Jacob continues to perform professionally with the acrobatic break dancing group the Calypso Tumblers lead by Alex Barclet. He has traveled to different countries performing with the Calypso Tumblers where he danced for the needy, the disabled and many of benefits. While touring and performing with the Calypso Tumblers, Jacob has come across a lot of relationships with real people and had established positive energy in his life. Jacob Jonas’s goal is to live life to its fullest, never stop learning, and to try everything because you will never know its outcome. Lastly if you could define Jacob in six words it would be Music, Health, Family, Energy, Confidence, and Inspiration.

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