Currently celebrating 25 years of bringing dance to Los Angeles, MNR Dance Factory (#MNRDF) is “Where Dancers Grow Up.” Founder, owner, and artistic director Roni Blak meticulously curated this unique place in Brentwood where kids grow, thrive, and connect through the art of dance and movement. The #MNRDF staff includes supportive and professional instructors who provide dance instruction to children of all ages and experience levels. 

What Makes #MNRDF Different
#MNRDF is a studio specifically designed for dance. Students learn about foundation, performance, practice, and perfection in a safe-space setting that becomes their second community. Faculty is meticulously chosen for their professional skills and teaching abilities. Instructors such as Annie Guest, have experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other motor/developmental disorders, making dance accessible to all. 

The Benefits of Dance for Children
Dance has physical, social, cognitive, and emotional benefits for children. They learn body awareness, balance, and coordination. It develops muscle strength and encourages good posture. Children who dance are more socially aware. Through dance, they learn how to cooperate, share, interact with others, and communicate. Most importantly, exposure to proper dance instruction helps build confidence in children.

Dancers Grow Up
#MNRDF is multi-generational - parents return with their own children to receive the same caliber of instruction they experienced. You may recognize some names of #MNRDF Alum who started out with us!



Alumni - Where are they now?

Check out some of the amazingly talented individuals who began their journey at MNR Dance Factory!

Amber Stevens- TV star -THE Charmichael Show 

Dakota Johnson - Movie Star

Camilla Belle - Movie Star

Taeler Cyrus - Broadway star

Renee Stewart - London Contemporary Dance, Supermodel

Katlain Schultz - Interior Design Architect

Whitney Port - Fashion Stylist and YOutube influencer

Julien Solomita - Jenna & Julien YOutube influencer 

Molly Brush - Head Nurse of Oncology Doenbecher Hospital Portland

Lucy Brush - Masters in Creative Writing, Rumpus Dance Co. Artistic Director, 

Remy Pearce - Emmy Award Nominated Stylist SNL

Sara Moonves - Editor Teen Vogue

Claire Kislinger - Cathy Waterman Jewlery, CEO, designer