COMBO CLASSES - Toddler - Age 6

For our younger dancers  we have developed a program that challenges their little dancing feet while simultaneously nurturing their imagination with the use of story-telling, characters, and props.

The 1/2 hour tap and 1/2 hour ballet program has been the cornerstone of MNR DF, instilling the love of dance in children for over 2 decades.



Aerial art refers to dance-like, acrobatic physical movement performed while suspended in the air. MNR DF offers training in aerial silk (also known as fabric or tissue) and aerial hoop. Our Aerial training is led by renown Cirque Du Soleil star and International Rhythmic Gymanstics Championship medalist, Ramon Moore and world renown aerial artist Maya Kramer.



Ballet is the basis of all dance styles and classes will focus on ballet technique, body alignment and musicality through movement. The ballet program at MNR DF is taught by a faculty of extremely gifted and knowledgable ballet masters Ina Haybaek-Rogers, Alina Bolshekova, and Brittany O’Connor. The faculty combines a working knowledge of the Checchetti, Vaganova and RAD methods to create well balanced and cohesive classes.



Jazz dance is a classification shared by a broad range of dance styles. Jazz will teach students balance, flexibility, strength, and creative expression. Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that developed during the mid twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers. Contemporary is a fluid movement, teaching students to use musicality to express emotion or a story and combines techniques of all styles of dance.



Tumbling class have been developed to increase the flexibility, strength, and confidence of each dancer. Learning to accomplish tricks such as cart wheels, walk overs, hand stands and beyond, gives a child a sense of wonder of what their bodies can achieve. Our staff has created a safe and controlled program for all levels.



Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles where each student develops a unique movement all their own. Dancers will learn how to isolate their bodies, build their rhythm, and have a great time.

This program is especially great for those boys who are showing a talent and passion for dance but feel uncomfortable in a traditional ballet class with mostly girls. 



Tap classes incorporates mixing super-charged energy with tossed-off charm.  From beginner to the advanced dancer, the program is structured to increase the skill set of each dancer in each and every class. Students are taught rhythms, timing, and leg/foot coordination done to various types of music. We also offer Adult tap privates for those secret tap enthusiasts!



Beginner to advanced dancers can enroll in private lessons with our phenomenal staff. These lessons will not only push students to be a better dancer it will also help them grow in confidence through one-on-one instruction. To inquire about private lessons please email